To bare my soul here does not come easy for me. This morning I told my best friend how hard it is for me to feel vulnerable. I get that it is what I needed to get real with myself again as a person and artist but let me say it is difficult. To put my innermost thoughts out there for friends, family and strangers to read is challenging.

I had a long conversation with my sister yesterday and a new topic came up regarding Instagram. She asked if I was inspired by others work on there. I said of the hundred and something I followed about 5 of them inspired me. One is a good friend that shoots  fashion. I love that he chooses urban locations I would never think of but somehow makes them beautiful and his models are typically emotive with great style. He recently started a blog and sends me his work directly. So I am not missing out on what he is doing The others that I am inspired by rarely post anymore. So the answer was no, I am not really inspired by others on that app. I once was when it was a brand new app filled with talented photographers from all over the world but after facebook bought it the community changed drastically. People are offended if I don’t follow them. I don’t mean to offend but the truth is I do seek inspiration and I don’t get it there.

My inspiration comes from real life interactions, emotions, artists work I admire, nature, writing, adventures to new places, music, magazines, and most of all cinematography. From magazines I pull wardrobe, hair, make up, poses, and trends. From film I will sometimes watch on mute and write down ideas. I love to see the cinematographers composition, lighting, poses and the characters range of emotions. I follow blogs of a few artists and love to see their work. I need to find some new ones as I have outgrown most of the originals from when I started out 7 years ago. I have been complimented by my two favorite photographers recently. That experience was humbling. They both showed me what conceptual and emotive photography was which gave me my much needed outlet as an artist.

These things enrich me and my creative visions flow as a result. I recently got a new camera to take around with me and reconnect to freely taking photos for myself.

Here are a few from a beautiful sunrise I watched last week. I decided I will make it a weekly ritual to get up while its still dark and I don’t want to get out of my warm cozy bed

. I think pushing myself to try to things feels good. It makes me feel alive. 1 6 3 4 5  7